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John Hay – 47 Year Trading Career - Futures (Indexes) Day Tradin

John Hay – 47 Year Trading Career - Futures (Indexes) Day Trading Room

John offers a day trading room that focuses on the methodology of Walter Bresserts “Cycle Trader” techniques.  John and Walter traded together for many years honing the techniques. The room primarily trades the S&P E-Mini or Russell Futures.  The room is small and has a very disciplined atmosphere conforming to specific trade criteria techniques which are clearly explained. Prior results are available upon request. 


Upon graduating from the United States Naval Academy in 1961, John served for nine years as a submarine officer.  In 1967 he received his MS in computer science.  After leaving the Navy in December 1969, John joined the data processing healthcare division of IBM, where he remained as a top salesman until May of 1979.

John’s trading career started in 1967 while still in the Navy. Over a period of time his progression went from stocks to options and, finally, to the futures market.  In 1973, he met Walter Bressert, beginning a lifelong friendship. The mutual appreciation that brought them together was the study of cycles.  As a result of successfully using Walter’s methodology in trading his own account and those of others, John left IBM and joined Conti Commodities and, later, Smith Barney, Harris, Upham and Company.   It was during this time that John became one of the original members of the Computrac Group, the first group of its kind to provide analytical computer analysis and support for commodity and stock traders.

In late 1980, John became one of the first CTA’s in this country and as result started his own IB in Newport Beach, California. During the 1980’s, he managed money for Merrill Lynch and Dean Witter, among others. 

Throughout this time, John maintained a close relationship with Walter and his family.  In 1990, he left the financial business and reentered the computer healthcare software industry, where he remained until his retirement in 2003.  John and his family are now residents of Colorado.

Since his retirement, John has assisted Walter in his seminars, as well as in his trading room.  In 2007, John joined Robin Dayne’s and Tom Papenphien’s trading room where Walter’s software and methodology were used.  In August Robin left to pursue other endeavors.  Tom and John have now formed their own trading room utilizing Walter’s software.  

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