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Professional Coaching - Athletes, Performers

Professionals know first-hand emotional management when competing or performing can help improve their game, performance or life.

Turning to a professional dancer career at the young age of 13 installed the disciplines and regimes needed to succeed. That early understanding and work ethic has followed me throughout my careers in business, coaching and trading to give me a unique perspective of the emotional demands that athletes and performers go through.

The mind is a very power thing when it comes to competing and understanding how to release the pressures allowing the individual be the best at what they do. Mastering emotions can catapult the individual to success and winning.

Unfortunately,built up fears can get in the way of success.  Even though it may be very clear that the individual has a unique talent, fear can influence how they execute a shot, stoke, hit or performance.

My specialty is to remove the emotional fears and let the individuals talents show through to success. To teach small techniques that help to manage the thought process when competing, making way for their talents to shine through.

Coaching is this area is also very unique to the individual their background and challenge. To design the proper program an individual phone consultation is required. 

Note: Do to time and scheduling the number of clients taken in this area are limited and on a first come first serve basis. 

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