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Hedge Fund Owners

If you own a Hedge Fund you already know that managing the emotions of your traders can pose the greatest challenge to profitability. Traders can be faced with emotional, family, financial and even physical problems that will have an impact on each trade. They don’t open up easily to management, other traders or ask for help as it’s a sign of weakness to those they compete with. So, having an outside party where they can go to, to vent or work through issues is an advantage top trading firmhave embraced for years.

Finding a coach that has years of experience in this environment is rare. There is only a hand full of trading coaches qualified that understand this unique environment. With over 13 years of experience, producing successful outcomes, you can be sure I will work in your best interest, with the highest level of confidentiality.

Also, being a female coach who trades is also an advantage. I do not pose a threat to a man’s ego and I can handle with finesse, any relationship challenges that may come up from a female perspective ….. Andtrust me they do come up.

One on one coaching provides a sounding board that can release the day to day pressures allowing the trader to focus on the task at hand………trading.



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