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After seeing so many traders struggle with their emotions even though they had a great strategy, my entire focus for managing emotions begins with a set of strict “foundation skills”. These are a series of day to day skills to be mastered that stem from the disciplines I have consistently seen the top traders use over many years of coaching and interviews.

Being a trader myself has given me the awareness needed to develop tools and techniques that actually work. I don’t believe a trader should stay “stuck” for long as it can be costly, so my techniques are designed to show immediate results.  These tools are unique and modified for each client as each client comes with their specific combination of challenges and experiences.

Also, it’s important to have a well-rounded coaching approach that covers ALL the influences the trader encounters day to day. Stress from a family illness, outside financial pressures  or life can add to the need to master ones’ emotions when trading.  All areas of a traders’ life need to be taken into consideration.

Taking the Emotional Trading Test is the first step to determining a clients’ needs and direction. From there a customized plan of coaching sessions is developed via a phone conversation.

Each client has to be ready to commit to a dedicated action plan we both agree on.  To determine your needs are please call 702-616-3744 and let’s get you on track.

Each person has the capability to create and produce great things… traders KNOW that a peak performance coach can make a difference by giving a unique perspective, thinking outside the box. 


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Who needs a coach?....Any trader who is having difficulties making their numbers or is experiencing their trading is getting out of control only to find emotions taking over.   Fear, frustration, apprehension, hesitation, and lack of confidence are just some of the common trading emotions that are signs you need a coach. 

Emotions are a sure sign that unwanted patterns, to carry out a trade have been sneaking into a great trading strategy, or that losses have shaken confidence and consistency.

The sure way to know is……… if you consciously wanted to do one thing in a trade…….but you execute the trade differently, you are in the need of and experienced trading coach to reverse this pattern.

Here are a few everyday trading examples;

1. You went long, even had a hard stop in place, but instead you kept moving the stop as the price loomed closer, only to lose more money and then you finally closed losing even more and saying “What did I do that for?” OR

2. You wanted to enter the trade at a particular price, your indicators and strategies were in line and everything was a go, but you didn’t enter or you waited for the move to begin and you entered too late, missing out and saying “Well I was right” if I had just gone in when I was supposed to.

3. I have lost so much over and over or in one big loss that I am too fearful to even take the trade and I stare at the screen even when my indicators tell me to get in …I am frozen , paralyzed and can’t pull the trigger.

So the good news is you are not alone……..the bad news you probably don’t have a solution to turn it around.  THAT is what a coach is for, to guide you through the emotional challenges you face providing you with hard core solutions to turn results around.

The first place to start is to take the emotional trading test that thousands of traders have taken to gauging where your starting point is.

Next call and have a personal one on one to discuss your needs and desired outcomes.  From there a specific coaching plan is recommended to achieve your goals.


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