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Top 20 Executive Coaches In Las Vegas

By Sofía Herrera Salazar

The best coaches in Las Vegas is a tough list to compile with so many amazing coaches emerging in the city today. Our team at Influence Digest did extensive research to find the best Executive Coaches in Las Vegas that are not only going to be your best listeners but also your best advisors.

Without any further delay, here are the Top 20 Executive Coaches In Las Vegas that you can contact right now:

#13 Robin Dayne

Entering the coaching world can be a little overwhelming. With so many coaches to choose from, how are you supposed to be sure it’s the right fit? That’s why Robin proves herself with results. With Robin’s program, you’ll know it’s the right fit within 1 conversation with her.

See below for complete list:

#20 Anne Leets

Anne is an elite coach that has trained some of the world’s best performers. Her unique style of coaching has helped so many of her clients achieve their goals.


#19 Leah Grant

Leah is one of the Top coaches in Las Vegas for a reason. She has raving reviews from her clients. After browsing through Leah’s online content, you’ll be tempted to invest in yourself.


#18 Kimberly Malloy

Kimberly’s incredible story is an inspiration not only to her clients but everyone in the world. Today she is one of Las Vegas top coaches and her clients’ reviews prove that.


#17 Judy Irving

The results that you are going to get with Judy speak for themselves. With incredible reviews and results from her clients, it’s no surprise why Judy ranks as a top coach in Las Vegas.


#16 Eddie Rivera

Eddie’s style of coaching is about connecting with people and providing real value. He will make the process of becoming your ideal self-fun and easy.


#15 Jade Goodhue

Jade will support you in achieving the results you’re looking for. Her experience in working with a variety of clients has helped raise him to the top of Las Vegas.


#14 Ron Ross

Do you want to take your life to the next level? Ron has a plan for you. His program is designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be in rapid times.


#13 Robin Dayne

Entering the coaching world can be a little overwhelming. With so many coaches to choose from, how are you supposed to be sure it’s the right fit? That’s why Robin proves herself with results. With Robin’s program, you’ll know it’s the right fit within 1 conversation with her.


#12 Stephanie Rosol

Looking for the investment of a lifetime? Stephanie is that answer. Her coaching program is designed to help people like you achieve their best career and life.


#11 Lisa Ferrell

Lisa will hand you the keys to achieving your next goal. Her experience and Take a look at her testimonials on her website and you’ll be sold.


#10 Marc Longwith

hinking about getting a coach? Let Marc show you the way. His experience and expertise are more than enough to get you to where you want to be. Follow him on his website for the latest and greatest in coaching. He has all the answers to learn more working with him.


#9 Wendy

Want to find the best coach in Las Vegas? Signing up for a coach can seem like a scary endeavour, but with Wendy, you can ease those fears. She’s experienced and reliable and best of all, you can count on her to help you achieve your goals.


#8 Joy Hutsman

When you hire a coach, you expect the best service which is why Joy is best equipped to deliver exactly that to you. Her systematic approach to getting you the results you want is exactly why you should work with her today.


#7 Brad Mishlove

When you’re with Brad, you can expect service that renders results! Building a brand online isn’t easy, but Brad has done it! Brad is an expert in business and executive coaching and will get you on track with everything.


#6 John Mattone

John connects with people on a deep level. He is an effective listener who taps into what people really think and what they care about most and delivers results accordingly.


#5 Amber De La Garza

Ready to live a life you’re proud of? Amber has a plan to get you there in record speed. We encourage you to work with Amber to achieve your goals.


#4 Spencer Horn

Spencer will do the heavy lifting for you, all you need to do is execute on the plan. If you’re looking for a proven coach to get you results, Spencer is the one!


#3 Delinda Layne

Delinda has been helping clients reach their goals for a long time. She will make the process of becoming your ideal self-fun and easy.


#2 Kim Eberhart

It’s time to reach your highest goals and live the life of your dreams with Kim. You can start by following her Lindedln to keep up to date with everything.


#1 April Simpson

April will take care of everything when it comes to achieving your next goal which is why we have ranked her as the #1 coach in Las Vegas. Just follow April Linkedln and you’ll understand why her clients love her.


The Street

Digitalskeptic: How a Trader Coach Turns Emotions Into Profit

BY Jonathan Blum

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Robin Dayne feels that surviving today's demented digital markets is not about trading algos, market methodologies or even what stock or bond you buy.

"It's about your emotions," Dayne said. She's a professional life coach with a specialty in improving the performance of financial traders. And Dayne has been talking with me for the past few weeks on how to get the most out of those who put their livelihoods on the line trading in financial markets.

"It's your scars that shape your trading. The big losses. The bets that took you out," she warned. "They are what get you stuck."

Dayne has developed her own street-smart sense and sensibility about the dark emotions that turn good trades bad. After a career as a ballet dancer and marketing executive for the since-vaporized Digital Equipment Corp., she's been both a part-time financial trader and a trader's coach since the mid-1980s. And three of the thousand-plus clients she's said she's worked with over the years confirmed to me she acts as a sort of a golf-swing-meets-life-coach for their trading.

"I decided to take the plunge and trade full time on my own," Laila Rhodes, a client of Dayne's told me in a call from Swindon, England. "And I could not have done it without Robin's help."

Fees run between $750 and $1,500 an hour -- which, by the way, I was stunned to learn is cheap for such services. Some trading pros I spoke with, who tellingly did not want it known that they use such trading support, say six-figure annual fees, plus a fat cut of the gross, is not unheard of for a trading coach.

The digital-age meat grinder 
It's sadly not surprising that it does not take much for Dayne to fill me in on the emotional wear and tear traders face in today's grueling digital age.

"Everybody is feeling terrible pressure in the commoditization of trading," she said. "The number of trades. The amount of information traders are expected to manage." Traders today suffer from loneliness and an almost relentless pressure to perform from spouses and bosses.

And they're on an almost inhumanly short lease when it comes to mistakes.



Article published in SFO Magazine 

“Fear & Frustration CAN DOOM TRADING”

Common patterns plague unsuccessful traders, while

discipline habits are inherent to successful ones.

By Robin Dayne

The No. 1 challenge for any trader isemotional management, as it makes up95% of one’s success.


A personalized assessmentis a good starting point in assessing the problems.Remember, great traders do whateverit takes. They let go of their egosand work through each challenge until

it is resolved.


Take the obstacles and develop a plan to remove those emotional monsters.The power of thought is the first andbest weapon.Words make up thoughts, and thoughtswill manifest into actions — good or bad.What the mind is thinking is critical.Remember, any emotion is a no-no, butthe top two to avoid most are fear andfrustration. These tend to be universalwith traders having trouble.


Think of a question when an emotion pops up. Questions are a trader’s best friend andwill shift the thought process rapidly. Iftraders get scared of being wrong or becomeafraid of losingmoney, they mayenter trades too late or exit too soon.By using a question, traders can shift

their thinking, stop the emotion and gaincontrol of the trade. It will release theparalyzing effects of fear.Emotions cannot occupy the mind atthe same time it’s searching to find ananswer to the question. By keeping themind busy, the search for answers willtake priority over the emotion.

Some questions are:

• What’s really happening in themarket right now?

• What is my trade set-up criteria,….and is it being met?

• What can I do to create morecertainty right now?


Include in the plan rules and questionsthat counteract each bad thought thatcomes up. Write them down as a reminderand use them at every junctureof the trade.One critical habit to incorporate in yourroutine is to track and measure everytrading loss. Be disciplined to avoid a

new trade if a lost trade isn’t analyzedand a new solution is found. This routinecan have a dramatic impact and quantumleap your success.By digging at new solutions, itstrengthens the mind and confidencewith the added benefit of keeping themind busy and clear of emotions.

Remember,losing is part of the game andthe meaning of loss is different for tradersthan any other business, like an unwantedstrike for a baseball player. Get used to it….and make your loses smaller than your wins.


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