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RE: Coaching – Part-time to Full-time Trader
From part-time to full-time trading “I have successfully transitioned from being a part-time trader with a full-time job to a full-time trader when my contract ended. Robin guided me through the transition and helped with the emotional problems that were preventing me from meeting my potential, with her amazing techniques. She is always there for me. I could not have done it without her.” Laila R. – England

RE: Coaching – Full-time Trader
"At two different points in my trading career I encountered road blocks in my process which hindered my decision-making, and made profitable trading just about impossible. The first time was while I was at a top-tier hedge fund, and the second was when I began trading on my own. Both times, after sitting down with Robin, the blocks were cleared from my brain and I was able to get back on the road to profitability."         Chris L.- New York, NY

RE: Coaching – Professional Traders
I have 20 years’ experience trading with many ups and downs. In this business experience does pay off but I figured 20 years is plenty of time. Not only that I am an Ex-Commodities broker from Wall Street!  So why I am still having problems "pushing through", making it to that "comfort level" where you feel calm and confident and can say to yourself "I am a trader". After working with Robin she showed me it was not my trading abilities. The problem was in my mind with what she refers to as a "Block". She showed me how to remove the Block and prevent a Block from reoccurring. Even if you get another Block she gives you the tools to remove it.  I can now say "I am a trader". I am confident and calm and trade PAIN FREE! Thank You Robin! Jim D. - New York

RE: Coaching – FOREX Trader
"Robin turned my Forex trading around in no time at all. I still use her advice today. More than worth the money. Just one small trade paid that bill and I have been Reaping the Rewards ever since. Give her a try - best money I ever spent. I very seldom give raving reviews like this. Robin, Earned it!"                       Robert R. - Mesa, AZ

RE: Coaching – Full-time Trader
Robin has enabled me to take command of my trading. I’m a very good technical trader, but it wasn’t good enough. Traders know the stats: 5% percent make money – because -- it’s this elite few who have mastered their emotions. Robin knows how to work with the subconscious mind to undo the destructive beliefs which sabotage trading. Successful athletes have coaches. Successful traders are intellectual athletes. I love going over my trades with Robin. As a trader herself, she knows the talk, knows the emotions, and knows how to help you move ahead. Terri F. - Lexington, KY

RE: Coaching
Following our session my trading was 100% spot on, I couldn't believe I was placing trades with varying size according to the set up in front of me. As I mentioned my ugliest greed was " I'm afraid I'll miss out" however I somehow after reflecting on my trading session now feel I'm not afraid to miss out as my higher size trades are only a select few not as before any old trade. I used to be so eager to get my losses back that I used to up my size on too many trades. I also feel that even when I have a higher size trade on and it goes against me" I'm not afraid to exit with discipline before my stop". This was a real challenge before especially when a heavy size trade would go against me I used to pyramid it more and make it worse until the actual blow up of account. That instance happened when I said to you in our session when I went up from 5000 to 20000 in one month then gave it all back and more the following month. I kept averaging the loss trying to prove I was right and the market was wrong hence the disaster.  Now my new found confidence is I can exit quickly no matter what the size of the trade, I stick vigilantly to my stop loss, take a 15 minute break and come back iconize the quote screen and analyze my loosing trades and examine them. Then look for any setups according to my analysis and get involved if not I have no stress because I feel proud of my losing trade being my friend and guiding me correctly for that ultimate trade. Thank you. Narinder S. – New York City

RE: Coaching
The day in 2007 that I e-mailed Robin for help, I was ready to give up trading. I was at the point where just looking at charts would give me an anxiety attack. I was literally frozen at the screen.

Whenever I did manage to trade, invariably it would be a loss! I needed help, fast.  
With the coaching, several blocks that had set in over a period of time were identified and "scrambled" or neutralized. Within a very short period, my fear of losing again was no longer freezing me up. My anxiety was a thing of the past. I could trade again! Over time, other blocks popped up, which I scrambled with a similar positive outcome. Robin teaches you to scramble, using a very simple technique that you can do with a friend or partner, for trading or even for other issues in your life. Edna M. - South Africa

RE: Coaching 
I am really pleased with my progress these past weeks, not so much about the bottom line, which is important, but more about my general demeanor when trading (and away from the screens, too)! One big thing which you know about is that I now have more leverage on anger than I probably ever have had. Not only am I virtually anger free during trading, but during golf, tennis, and other non-trading situations as well. My life feels a lot better knowing that I don't need to use that emotion anymore. There are more resourceful states, don't you think? I am sure you can appreciate how great it is not wasting such immense emotional energy and having it available to use for more positive things (like looking for distinctions). I am really grateful and excited about that.One thing about looking for distinctions in trading is that once I have found obvious ones, the others (which might even be more significant) can be a challenge and very rewarding to find. I found one the other night that I am just beginning to test, and it took a long time to find it. But like you say, asking questions repeatedly, refining them, and asking again eventually works. The "What's really happening?" question is powerful if you keep asking it.My trading is getting better and changing every day. The challenge is that the more distinctions I find, the more changes I make, and that then takes practice to get used to that new way for trading. Know whatI mean? Then I have habits to re-form. I am not complaining, though! I feel lucky to have the sports background from which to draw some comparisons. I know how long it can take sometimes to become, shall I say, proficient. That is kind of a broad and subjective term, but I know what it means for me. I still must search for distinctions and create preferable habits. And the process never ends... Many thanks for your guidance. Sean K. – Chicago, Illinois

RE: Radio Shows
Hi Robin, I wanted to drop you a quick note of "THANKS" because I've been catching up on your archived radio shows. "I have been surprised and thrilled to find that it has helped both in my trading and my life away from the screens."I am really enjoying your perspectives on holding trades longer.  Your guidance and insight have been a great help! Dave N. - Fort Collins, Colorado

Re: Sharpen Your Trading Performance
With the 1-2-3 process, Robin taught me to analyze each and every trade taken, good or bad.Previously, when I had a winning trade, I just basked in the short-lived glory of the winning trade, and conversely just buried my head in the sand when I had a losing trade, I did not want to re-live the pain! So I was not learning from my mistakes and I wasn’t learning from my successes.By facing each trade and making a proper objective analysis, I could then construct a set of my own rules for trading, based on my theoretical knowledge of technical analysis.Over time, these rules were refined and adapted. This provided me with a trading plan or system that suited my personality. This was crucial to me, as there are 1000 ways to trade, but none may be suited to you or your personality. Working with Robin has given my trading a rock solid foundation. I am eternally grateful to her for this. Edna M. - South Africa

RE: “1-2-3 Tracking System©”
“Concerning my experience working with Robin Dayne; She is professional, knows her business, and understands traders and trading: trading results for me? I'm able to pull the trigger and she’s given me her 1-2-3 system so I'm able to earn more per trade and she's helped me to improve my marriage of 46 years. And I've only had two sessions! This is great!“ Bruce M. - Pennsylvania


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