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Robin's Bio

Overview - Broadway to Wall St

Robin has come full circle, Broadway to Wall Street. A professional dancer at 13 (at the NYC-MET). These disciplines translated to the timing of the markets. Her 18 years in High-Tech culminated, as the Asia Pacific Marketing Manager, for Digital Equipment Corporation, where she developed a cross cultural skill-set.

For 8 years she trained and mastered her Neuro-Linguist skills as a trainer and coach with Anthony Robbins. Next, she ventured out, and built a reputation as "The Trader's Coach" in one of the largest day-trading firms on Wall Street. Coaching thousands, she became an in-house coach to the best Portfolio Managers and Partners at Tudor Investment, for nine years. There she developed a trading challenge "process" to turn around any issue, increasing results. Staying tuned into to the average trader she expanded her skill-set to working hand-in-hand with teens who were athletic proteges in Tennis, Track, Lacrosse, and Soccer, as a performance coach.

Now she is back in the trading world and has taken the 35 years of experiences to develop and offer new innovative approaches to solving the top trading issues, quickly. With a proven track record and reputation remains dedicated to helping others realize their potential.

"You gain strength,courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face" 
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Wall Street Community - 35 Years Performance Coach

She is constantly studying the day-to-day behaviors of different trading levels which keeps her methodology up to date and current with market conditions. Markets today are nothing like they were, even 5 years ago. A good coach must stay current in order to guide a trader forward.

Professional Traders

Additionally, she has studied, coached and interviewed some of the top traders’ in the business. Dissecting the thought process used to pin point and reverse errors and losses, producing positive results. In the 28 years she has uncovered the commonalities and disciplines necessary for trading success and are now a standard part of her wheelhouse she shares with her clients.


"Life is a grindstone and whether it grinds you down or polishes you up is for you and you alone to decide."

- Cavett Robert

Her Approach:

Her style and approach are very different and produce immediate results. Mind management is the priority and when she works with the individual, the direction is to expand their strengths while removing weaknesses and bad habits. Being a trader herself adds to the understanding of specific trading issues and versed in modified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques that result speedy recoveries.

In becoming a trader, one must take into account their past experiences, influences and behaviors. How their family upbringing was, social environment, educational knowledge, and even health can all play an important apart. How challenges were handled in one’s past may dictate reactions within the daily habits of trading and coaching works to uncover and re-align them, so they all work together in a harmonious way, to create a better outcome.

Trading comes down to the ability to manage one’s mindset, self-talk, and confidence that is the foundation of a good solid approach. The ability to read the market and not to hope, wish and pray, needs to translate into knowing. Thoughts can work for or against our desired outcomes. Most people lack the skill set to turn around the most powerful thing we own “our mind” and need this guidance. Learning what to watch for can prepare a trader avoiding a blow-up or losing streak helping them realize a faster recovery. Having specific tools and techniques can improve a trader’s bottom-line results.

How to Begin:

First the trader must decide they have a problem they need help with. Whiles this sounds easy it is the biggest step. Successful people KNOW when they need help and seek it out to grow, letting go of ego. What professional athlete doesn’t have a coach? In fact asking for help is a sign of strength and determination to succeed.

Attacking the problem starts with a need’s assessment of the individual traders’ situation. Then each issue to addressed and a set of foundation skills develop. New techniques are taught as set of disciplines that counter act trading challenges.

Sessions and lessons are modified for what the trader needs, targeting specific obstacles and monitoring results. Each has been designed to show immediate resolution and improvement towards profitability.

Strict confidentiality creates an open arena to discuss any of the traders’ issues related to: work, relationships, self-talk and more that might be inhibiting performance.

While gender is not a typical topic used as an asset for coaching, 28 years working with men’s issues in a 90% dominated male business has created a setting to discuss comfortably a variety of issues only a woman can and be free of ego.

Bottom-line; “Great traders let go of ego and do whatever it takes to learn and improve their trading mindset, because they have the desire to succeed.”

Other Tidbits:

  • 4-years radio show host of “Elite Masters of Trading”
  • 3-years Women’s Federal Prison – NH Volunteered & Coached
  • 3-years - Las Vegas Metro Police volunteer
  • 4-years - Red Rock Search and Rescue LV


"Let YOUR potential explode with endless possibilities!"
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"To be who you are and become what you are capable of is the only goal worth living."
 - Alvin Ailey





"Respect yourself. Listen to what you really want and follow your instincts---they are usually right."

- Jerilyn Ross



"Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom."
- George Patton
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