What is the Condition of Your Trading Mindset?

Overview:It's a proven fact that emotions are 90% of trading and can be the number one reason a trader misses the mark of true success. While many factors come into play when executing a trade; knowledge, beliefs, experiences, references and trading history, identifying one's emotional weaknesses, allows the trader to remedy the problem and realize maximum trading potential.

This test helps to determine where to begin your efforts in mastering emotional control. Your answers will be personally reviewed using the experience of 20+ years of coaching traders to their "peak" performance levels. Results are sent to your email once you have registered.

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Emotional Trading Test

Fill the Details Instructions: Time and knowledge will change the dynamics of trading habits. So to determine where you are currently it is important to answer all the questions as honestly as possible given your current trading mindset. If the problem occurred in the past and still comes up now and then in your trading, admit to it. Honesty in ones "self" assessment is one of trading's cardinal rules to reversing emotional problems.
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Part 1: Brief Background

A=1-5 yrs. B=6-10 yrs. C=11-15 yrs. D=15+ yrs.

A=Yes B=No C=Maybe D=Don't know

A=20-30 B=31-40 C=41-50 D=51-60 E=61+

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Past client referral
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Part 2: Review and answer all questions as they apply to your CURRENT trading situation.

Yes No Sometimes

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Yes No Sometimes

Part 3: Answer: (How many do you answer "True" to?) Mark a "T" for each question that is "True" I do NOT have a regular routine when preparing for the trading day?
I have a clear set of trading rules that I find HARD to stick too?
The number of losers I have typically, out-weigh my winners?
I have BIG swings in my profitability, having several great days, followed by BIGGER "crash and burn" days.
I tend to beat myself up on a losing days and carry the feeling into the next trading day.
I do NOT have a plan that gets me back on track quickly when my trading is off.
I do NOT keep track of all my trades?
Part 4: Answer: (How many do you answer "Yes" to?)Mark a "Y" for each question that is a Yes. If the 1st trade of the day is a loser are your emotionally "off" for the rest of the day?
Were you successful in another profession (Eng., Attny., Dr., other) and are finding trading is a direct attack on your confidence and ego?
Do you rush into a trade with no preparation just to "be in the game?"
Do you NOT accept losing easily?
Do you experience emotions at any point within the trade such as; hesitation, apprehension, uncertainty or fear of any kind?
Do you double-up on size after a losing streak or when you're down to re-gain profits faster?
Have you ever been in a trade and gone into the "I don’t care" zone watching your money disappear while letting the trade get away from you, with no stops in place?
Do you trade when you know you shouldn't?
Do you find you DO NOT have the discipline to stop and re-group when you need to?
Do you feel mentally or physically exhausted after the trading day?
Do you have trouble telling the truth to your spouse about your trading day?
Do you lose sleep over your trading?
Do you find after losing a large amount of money you are emotionally challenged on every trade after that loss?
You find it impossible to shake off a losing streak, easily?
Do you experience some sort of emotional "fear" before, during and after each trade?
Part 5: Answer: (How many do you answer "Yes" to?) Mark a "Y" for each question that is a Yes. Do you see your set-up and still hesitate to enter?
Do you get "hooked" into taking a trade knowing you shouldn't - set-up not complete?
Do you have anxiety when trading and enter too soon - no set-up criteria at all?
Are you compelled to exit too quickly instead of waiting for the trade to hit the profit target?
A high percentage of trades are defensive?
A high percentage of trades are offensive?
You logically know what the set-up criteria should be,but find you are not following your plan of action when taking the trade?

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