Article Name

July 18 Throwing in the Towel
May 27

Saved by the Euro

May 11 Euro to resume its slide due to failure of shock and awe strategy
May 6

Commodities and the Shares of all Commodity Related Companies Should be Avoided.

May 5

Shares of Pure Play in the Online Investor Education Industry Up 40% on Stock Market’s Biggest Down Day in Months

May 5 The Euro Presents a Clear and Present Danger for Global Capital Markets
May 4 A Weakening Euro on the Heels of a Greek Bailout came as a big Surprise to the Stock Market
May 2 Four of the original nine Bear Market Tracker Gold Miner Stocks have been Removed from Recommended list
April 28   Rising Dollar will Continue to Create Havoc with Global Capital Markets
April 16 Goldman Trumps Froth and Fluff
Mar 31 2010 is a Key Date for the U.S. Economy and Stock Market
Feb 25 The Great Recession of 2011-2012e
Feb 23 A Blind Eye Led the Market UP in 2009
Feb 13 Shares of U.S. Airlines, Shippers and Utilities will benefit from a higher U.S. Dollar
Feb 12 Euro Recent Decline
Jan 29 Don't be Fooled by the Better than Expected GDP Number Today
Jan 21 Bear Invigorated by Brown Victory
Jan 15 The Era of Consumerism has Ended.

Dec 31

Happy New Year! My Favorite Stock Pick for 2010 is? 

Dec 7 The Action of the Major Market Indices on Friday is Telling

Oct 30

Reversal Ominous

Oct 26

Early morning rallies in the market

Oct 21

High Euro Poses Great Risk for the Stock Market

Oct 18

Another Dow Pillar Falls

Oct 11

The News is Likely to be good for a Company

Oct 6

Report on Tracking Revenue

Oct 4

Another Crash is on the Way

Sept 20

The Computer Services Industry is now in Play

Sept 18

Palm Shares Present an Interesting Opportunity

Sept 9

 Kraft’s Decision to Reduce its Supplier Base by over 50% is Ominous

Aug 31

 Why Investors should be Aware of Chinese Stock Market Action

Aug 28

Low Quality Names Provide a Weak Foundation for a Continuing Rally

Aug 21

Two Key Indicators that Stock Market Timers should be Following.

Aug 17

The Consumers who Emerged in the 1950s have Disappeared 

July 29

Overnight Chinese Stock Market Action could signal top in Global Equities

July 20

The Moon Landing Changed My Life

July 10

GE is Likely to Lead Stock Market Lower During Second Half of 2009

July 19

The Spin (stock) Market Alive & Well Last Week

July 16

The Obama Administration is making a big mistake in not bailing out CIT

July 7

Why you should be out of mutual funds during a Super Bear Market? 

July 10

Action in Alcoa shares Yesterday Underscores why Bull Market Trading Strategies don’t work in Bear Markets

July 9

Dismal Results by Retailers Point to a Sequel to 1929

June 30

Major Indices Have Seen Highs for 2009

June 28

The Seven Rules of Frugality

March 12

The Wings are about to come off Boeing

Nov 30 A Super Bear is Upon Us

Nov 20

A Fatal Blow to the Financial Services Industry Has Been Dealt


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