Sharpen Your Trading Performance “Reloaded”


Two Part webinar series offered to groups of (10-15) ONLY at a time. This has been designed to produce immediate results. You MUST register first and will be notified of start date. This program is unique and takes one month to complete trading is tracked and issues worked throughout the month with the goal of working to profitability….
THREE SESSIONS DESIGNED FOR IMMEDIATE RESULTS – Webinars (2), Private Session and Monitoring
You clicked on this on the home page – you have an interest – so now ask yourself these questions:
• Not profitable with your trading strategy?
• Experiencing poor trading executions?
• Lack-confidence and consistency in your trading?
• Lacking a recovery plan and don’t know where to turn for help?
Then this program, “Sharpen Your Trading Performance – Re-Loaded”, IS FOR YOU!
For the past 20-+ years, I have seen the same scenario over and over of why traders don’t make it in the trading business. They start out learning a strategy from a master trader in the hopes they, too, can make their millions only to find they haven’t grasped all there was to learn and the market takes their money. During part of learning curve most traders also manage to install one or more emotional blocks that now wreak havoc on all parts of their trade execution. Fear is the underlying factor and a plethora of problems arise.
This type of focus and training has NEVER been offered in the industry. With my continued success, working with hundreds of traders, I have created a new program for the 21st century to help traders become successful today and in the future.
This intense program has been designed to insure each attendee resolves their issues; the entire process takes a serious one month commitment. Tracking allows for immediate intervention and results are tracked from beginning to end, showing the progress and changes in both the bottom line and emotional mastery.
If you are an experienced trader, you might feel your years of working as a trader should help you work through these obstacles. Yet you are still challenged and not as profitable as you would like to be. Here is your opportunity to learn a new set of disciplines, turning your strategy to profits.
If you are new to trading, then realize no one has for warned the trader that emotions would contribute to 90% of your trading errors with fear and frustration at the top of the list.
“Sharpen” begins with a webinar to set the stage and introduce foundation skills that become the new daily routine. Next each participant (limited to 10-15 per group) experiences a 1-to-1 session to remove any emotional blocks and finally a second webinar incorporates more techniques to resolve your final issues, all measured to increase your profits.
So decide, today, is the time to take control of your trading! Click here to register now. Space is limited. Questions? Contact me at or call 702-616-3744. Change your trading forever!
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