Robin Dayne “The Trader’s Coach”

Robin has earned the reputation as “The Trader’s Coach” and is known world-wide, for the past 20 years. For 4 years she hosted a radio show “Elite Master’s of Trading” where she interviewed the top trader around the country as well as being featured on CNBC Power Lunch, ABC’s News 20/20,, BusinessWeek,, newspapers, trade shows, and chat-rooms, discussing the emotional challenges faced by all levels of traders.

A trader herself she has studied the emotional and psychological challenges of ALL trading levels and types and over the past 18 years has developed a unique approach that quickly attacks trading issues.  Experienced traders, trading rooms, hedge firms and individuals around the world utilize her techniques to stimulate results. Her first hand experience comes directly from Wall St. and the emotional demands the industry presents. Trading is 90% emotional management and Robin has dedicated her efforts to studying the best of the best in the business and focused on developing simple tools and techniques that expands the emotional management knowledge for ALL trading types.

The techniques focus on the connections the mind makes to our emotions, and has modified many NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques for the specific needs of the trading environment. She studied and honed her techniques from such masters as Anthony Robbins, Grindler & Bandler and others who focus in this area.

Her coaching addresses an overall approach to the trading environment, mind, body and emotions, expanding beyond and including anything that affects a trader’s well being and state of mind. Her clients span the globe, so specific consideration is given to cultural differences and values.

Robin’s background consists of 20 years in hi-tech with various computer companies, such as Digital Equipment Corp - Intl, Compaq, and Data General in many Sales & Marketing Managerial positions.

She keeps her skills tuned by volunteering in challenging areas such as Women’s State Prisons and Shelters helping others understand the importance of freedom and financial fundamentals.

Her unique approach in reflected in her services of:  1-1 coaching, her trading room.



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